Stories & Secrets Behind Budapest

/private sightseeing tour by car/

In case you cannot go on a regular guided walking tour due to the weather, an injury, or because of a limited schedule of yours, it is still possible to learn the most about Budapest and see sights up close which would be farther apart on foot.

Our Stories & Secrets Behind Budapest – private sightseeing tour by car offers you an alternative where we drive from sight to sight, but make stops and tell you more about them on the spot, just like in the case of a regular walking tour.

Enjoy the best of both worlds!

3 hour tour
EUR 170
4 hour tour
EUR 210
5 hour tour
EUR 250
6 hour tour
EUR 290
Prices given in EUR will be changed to HUF on the official central rate of the Hungarian National Bank.

Stories & Secrets Behind Budapest

/private sightseeing walking tour/