More Than a Transfer

Contact us, and we make your stay memorable right from the beginning.

On the way to your accommodation we will present the most interesting sights to visit while in Budapest by using a slideshow.
Also, we will share some facts and useful information about Budapest and the Hungarian cuisine with you,
and introduce the various ways to discover the city.

What’s more, we are happy to answer to all your questions about our fantastic city during your whole stay.

So, what are you waiting for?
Have fun and leave the rest to us!

Please keep in mind that ’More Than a Transfer’ is a very popular service and it is guaranteed only after receiving a confimation.

What you get
  • Airport transfer you have never experienced before
  • Concierge service during your whole stay
  • City map
  • Mineral water
Arrival to Pest side
EUR 40 / approx. HUF 12500
Arrival to Buda side
EUR 50 / approx. HUF 16000
Return transfer Pest side
EUR 70 / approx. HUF 22500
Return transfer Buda side
EUR 80 / approx. HUF 25500
Transfer to everywhere
We are open to unique requests. We can spend our whole day with you, we do countryside transfers and many more. Contact us to get a personalized offer.

Prices given in EUR will be changed to HUF on the official midrate of the Hungarian National Bank.


Travel Concierge

  • Online assistance before arrival and during your whole stay in Budapest.
  • Reservations to anywhere (restaurants, bars, programs, concerts, etc.) in the city.
  • We are open to any special requests. Contact us and we make it happen.

We provide all the essentials for a fantastic trip in Budapest: tourist attraction tickets, Budapest Cards, opera and concert tickets.
We open doors to the most demanded restaurants of Budapest for you, from hidden gems to the newest places.
We ensure that everyone has a great holiday in Budapest.
We work in close partnership with big brands to give you the best possible experience in Hungary.

If you are looking for a personalized experience, we can make it happen.

Have fun and leave the rest to us!

By booking ’More Than a Transfer’ you get the service free of charge for a limited time.

Private Sightseeing Drive

  • High standard, air conditioned super clean car
  • A kind fluent English speaking driver Tamás or Zoltán
  • Pick-up and drop-off on your choice
  • Free concierge service
  • Free Wifi
  • Free city map
  • Free mineral water

Please note that entry fees are not included

We will tell you the most important things to know while on our way to the main sights, and will wait for you in the cool/warm car while you are checking them out inside as well. All through the trip we will keep you company in the car where we can chat really about anything in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. It is important to understand that we are not trained tour guides by no means, but since both of us were born and raised in Budapest we know plenty about this city.

The longer the trip is the more stops we can include. In case of a 3 hour tour the recommended stops are Heroes’ Square and the Citadella on top of Gellért Hill, so you can visit Pest and Buda as well.

It is also possible for us to take you for a night drive. People are fascinated about night time Budapest and its lights, and we definitely understand why. See it for yourself! It is a pleasant program for the evening with photo possibilities at several stops. Recommended length is 3 hours.

3 hour
EUR 125 / HUF 40000
4 hour
EUR 156 / HUF 50000
5 hour
EUR 187 / HUF 60000
Additional hours
EUR 32 / HUF 10000
Transfer to everywhere
We are open to unique requests. We can spend our whole day with you, we do countryside transfers and many more. Contact us to get a personalized offer.

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About us

By founding Welcome to Budapest we aimed to provide the best possible offers the city can give to all of our guests, tailored to their needs.

We help you organizing your stay right from the idea of ​​visiting the city by answering any questions and fulfilling any requests you may have, be it general inquiries or personalized custom programs.

Would you like to surprise your loved ones? Do you wish to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or any special occasion? Contact us, and we guarantee the unforgettable experience!

As the first step, after landing at Budapest Airport, 'More Than a Transfer' provides the perfect start to an unforgettable holiday in Budapest.

Throughout your stay we come to your assistance online during the daytime. Our partners offer the highest standard of service in all categories such as Hop-On Hop-Off sightseeing, river cruises, or even private sightseeing. Fantastic restaurants and the best bars are included in our selection, but if you have anything in mind, share it with us, and we will arrange it.

Whether it is daily business, or you need a doctor, you can turn to us with confidence.

If you would like to have proficient, friendly and knowledgeable professional help, or if time does not allow you to plan ahead, feel free to contact us.

First of all, thank you for visiting our site.

After graduating from college I worked in the best hotels of Budapest for more than 10 years, for the last 5 years as a leading concierge. I have encountered the widest variety of people and situations. My guests came from all over the world, ranging from families, couples, singers to well-known musicians and Hollywood stars.

The growing number of visitors, the love for guests, my knowledge of the city and my good organizing ability have led me to create a business of my own. 'More Than a Transfer' has since become the best airport transfer service in the city.

As a concierge, my most important goal is to help my guests to enjoy their vacations hassle-free. You do not have to search for and make reservations or bookings. As one dear guest of mine wrote on Tripadvisor: “Like you have a friend in Budapest”. That is exactly what I want to give everyone.

Let's be our guest!

How I ended up doing this? Let me explain.

I firmly believe in the theory that we have to do what we love.

Originally, I am a teacher of English as a second language. I loved teaching, and though I still miss it and some parts of me always will, after 7 years in a secondary school and some other factors pushing me I felt the time has come to make achange. You don’t know what else you’re capable of until you see it for yourself, right? So I quit my job, and jumped into the unknown, thinking I will end up behind a desk somewhere, which was a thought I loathed as I don’t think I’m suitable for such thing, but hey… Then things took a turn.

We’ve known each other with Tamás since we were four. We went to kindergarten, elementary and secondary school together, and we still hang out with our old buddies. I remember one time when we were out together with the guys and he told us about starting up this business, I jokingly made a remark that if he ever needs an ex-teacher, just yell. I still had my old job then.

Well, two months after I quit, he did. Did I accept the offer? You bet! Teaming up with one of my friends and doing things I love is not really a job anyway. I love speaking English and meeting new people. Many friends of mine told me after seeing me communicating in English that it’s really apparent that I enjoy it very much. I agree. I love driving and cars. Doesn’t matter if it’s a van or a regular car, being behind the wheel is something I can’t get bored of. No wonder, my first word was a combination of the words “daddy” and “car”.

I love car detailing. Being in a clean car is a hundred times better than driving a mess. That’s why I always kept my cars clean as a whistle, and I still do, especially now.

The bottom line is that ‘Welcome to Budapest’ is not something we forced on ourselves just to make a living out of it, but something we do with love and passion, and put all our heart and soul into it. I truly think you’ll feel the same way after we met.

Thanks for your trust and confidence, and see you at the airport!

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Frequently Asked Question - FAQ

Yes, Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Yes, you can pay in cash both in HUF or EUR

Our goal is to reach the highest level of comfort. To keep the car cooled/heated we need to stay in the car with the engines running, thus we would like to ask you to contact us as soon as you get out of the terminal. In the answer we will let you know the type/colour/plate number of the car and will get there within a few minutes.

Yes, in this case a EUR 7 parking fee will be added to your transfer fare. Please note that in this case we have to walk about 5-7 minutes partly uncovered and the car will stand without shade.

Sure, we give you an invoice automatically, with your company details on it if requested.

No, trust is a must. We do not request advanced payment or deposits. But please, let us know if there is a longer delay.

You will receive the contact details of your driver Tamás or Zoltán one day prior to your arrival.