Occasionally we lend a helping hand to friends and colleagues who work in the same field of work
and need a driver ASAP. Such occasions are, fortunately, very rare, as we are busy most of the time.

Getting a ride to a different country as a traveler can really be a hit or miss even if you decide to put
your trust in a professional company, as you never know who your driver is going to be. So what
happens when a Texan gentleman in his 70s and his Belarussian wife travel from Budapest to Vienna
with a Hungarian guy in his 30s who is helping out an aforementioned friend of his on his day off?

Well, read the review below:

“Intelligent, prompt, knowledgeable, more like an old friend. Very accommodating and the greatest
asset your company provided. BTW I will surely recommend your company to my friends.”

And what does all of this has to do with Welcome to Budapest, or our More Than a Transfer service?
All of the things the gentleman was raving about comes as a given when travelling with us, even on a
short-distance drive.

Add even more enthusiasm and the fact that this business is very personal to us, and you have what you need to start your stay in Budapest in the best possible way.