The way things are arranged in our cars is pretty standard: the iPad on which we play the slideshow is
mounted on the headrest for the guests in the back, so it is almost a given that people sit there.

But not everyone!

Our guest was travelling solo and we were there to meet him when arrived to Budapest. The first
thing he did was to jump into the passenger seat, which was a pleasant surprise, but what was more
surprising is when he decided not to go with the iPad, but with the iPhone we have on the
dashboard, even though it is way smaller in size. Still, he must have been very satisfied with what he
saw and heard as he complimented our services later on. We also had a great talk while we were on
the way to the hotel.

The bottom line is: whatever your needs are, we are there to satisfy them, even
if they are unconventional, or require improvisation from our side right there on the spot.