The majority of our transfers are either from or to Budapest Airport, the rest of the destinations
include train stations or different cities abroad. As with all things while travelling, there might be
some changes or hiccups in the schedule which require immediate solutions.

A couple was travelling from Prague to Budapest by bus and were supposed to arrive to the final
station. While we were waiting for them on the spot they called us since we could not find each
other. In a few minutes it became clear that they got off at the wrong stop, which was in a different
part of the city.

Normally they would have had to look for another ride to town, but not this time. We were there to
pick them up in 20 minutes, so they received the same quality service as all of our guest would, and
did not have to pick one of the private taxis at the train station.

If our schedule allows us we always try to fulfill our promise and meet our guests, regardless which part of Budapest they arrive to.